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Doug Karr's latest script gets read

I follow quite a few filmmakers blogs, from small independent names to the big blockbuster guys. It's usually the smaller productions that make for the most interesting though, as they spend the time to talk about the production from beginning to end. One such blog is that of Doug Karr, of Living-Room War.

I've been reading his blog for a long tie now, and he's provided some insightful pieces, but just today we join him at the beginning of what could be a superb journey. Here's what he said on his latest blog entry:

Saturday I pitched 'My Thermonuclear Family' to a film studio here in town (which I can't name at this point) and the pitch went... VERY WELL! They really liked what they heard and the head of distribution asked to read the script immediately.

Wow. Karr sounds very excited at this, and you can just imagine the emotions going through him right now as he waits to hear if they will take on his project.

I'm trying to remain cautiously optimistic, but really I'm ecstatic and I can barely contain my excitement. These are people who have the funds and ability to not only green-light a picture, but to distribute it theatrically both on a domestic and international level. And not only did they respond to my idea, they really liked what they heard and are enthusiastic enough to read my 122 page script.

He certainly is excited, and I hope it does get accepted, then we can all follow his journey from the beginning - his feed is part of the Filmstalkers Insiders Page.

He's received more good news when only days ago he heard that his latest film Anniversary Present is being considered by some festivals, has had a DVD completed and is now on sale at the official Production site, and it has just been signed up by an International Distributor.

You definitely should read this blog, it's a very interesting site and Karr does come up with some informative articles.



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