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Douglas versus Ford in real life courtroom drama

MichaelDouglas.jpgMichael Douglas is set to play a lawyer once again in Tragic Indifference, but this time it's a story based on real events where an Attorney, Tab Turner, takes on the car giant Ford in the courtroom.

In 2000 Turner was hired by Donna Bailey after her Ford Explorer flipped and left her paralysed. He was persuaded into a public courtroom battle and amazingly he won against Ford, proving that they had been indifferent to the flaws in the vehicle that caused this accident. Not only did she gain a hefty settlement but he also managed to get the Ford bigwigs to come to her bedside and apologise.

Michael Douglas is keen to take on this role and through Variety says that this film gives him the chance to play a different kind of character.

I'm really pleased that Douglas is tackling this film, and I do hope he continues to take on these kind of roles. For me Douglas is an iconic Hollywood actor that has become a showpiece for the studios, wheeled out for certain films where he doesn't really stretch himself and provide the strong performances he used to. Then The Sentinel (Filmstalker review) came along and I saw the old Douglas. I hope he's here for this film too.



Is this the first time that Douglas will be playing a lawyer? Looking forward to it myself!

hehe hehe hehe


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