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Download the Transformers TV teaser here

Transformers.jpgThere's a TV spot that's appeared online for Transformers, and although it's being taken down fast, you can still download it here.

There's some new footage of the Transformers racing about and in various stages of transforming, but perhaps the most surprising is that the robots have felshy, fluid, muscle like lips. That's something I just don't get, if they are all hard metal parts then how come they have human moving lips?

Okay it's a very small point but it is something that really does annoy me and detracts from the reality that is being brought to these huge robots.

Have a look and see what you think, it won't be long before all these links are gone. I'm sure equally it won't be long before we see the proper teaser cut.

Oh no it's gone. However the good news is that the cool guys from Film Rotation [FLV:Flash:Dload] have managed to grab a copy for download.



Haha.. You can always count on the Filmrot kids.

Did Optimus Prime have lips? Weird.

Still, as unenthusaed about this film as I am, I have to admit this movei looks pretty kick ass based on this trailer.

It's 5:30am. Must sleep now instead of browsing movie sites.


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