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Dragon's Lair film in development

DragonsLair.jpgThere's a Dragon's Lair film in development. What's Dragon's Lair you ask? Well it's a videogame that has been going for some time now, and in fact was one of the first laserdisc video games released in 1983. It had Disney style animation and was a major success as when it was released the other games in the market were all pixel based, this opened up a new direction for the market and the audience.

Now, as it gains a Blu-Ray release of the game, the creators are talking about a film version. Apparently the script has already been around for a good few years and they want to make the film in the same style of animation, no CGI here.

You can see the full comments over on UK IGN. You can even read a review of the game on Blu-Ray over at IGN.

The script will tell the story of the Knight, who is the character you control in the games, from his birth to his becoming a fully fledged Knight, ready to fight to save the Princess from the Dragon, and all that stuff.

Although this is strictly a videogame adaptation there is the fact that it really did start from an animated story that could make this work. My only concern is that by sticking to traditional animation are they going to be dating the film before it has even been released?



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