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DVD and Game Rental competition results

I just realised that I never announced the results of the DVD and Game rental competition, and they were so funny too.

So just to clear that up. There was one outright winner who found all the documentaries that have been rated with a five star in the Film Reviews, these were:

An Inconvenient Truth, 5 Days, Air Guitar Nation, This Film is Not Yet Rated, Voices of Iraq and Twist of Faith.

The runners up came with various answers between five and three. Interestingly someone posted the competition to a UK competition forum and I received over seventy entries from there. The person who posted the competition results counted every single five star film and stated that the answer was 37!

Thanks for entering everyone, and for the losers, next time may I suggest finding out the answer for yourself. Hope the winners enjoy their rentals.



I entered the competition and guessed 5. Try again next time Simone! ;)


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