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Eastwood honoured with Independent Award

ClintEastwood.jpgClint Eastwood is receiving the Spirit of Independence Award from Film Independent this year. He will be presented with the award on June the 28th, and they are full of praise for the star. Quite rightly so.

"Clint Eastwood has been called an icon, a maverick, a legend and every superlative in between, yet it's utterly impossible to encapsulate the talents and accomplishments of his independent spirit and his singular vision for honest storytelling...We are thrilled to celebrate this remarkable artist for his independent voice and daring career choices that have been an inspiration to filmmakers and film lovers alike."

The comments come from Dawn Hudson who is the Executive Director of Film Independent through Variety.

I think it's well deserved, and in fact I do think that Eastwood should have received a few more awards recently, even perhaps some nominations where he's been otherwise overlooked. I really do hope he can keep going behind the camera for a long time yet, I love his directorial style.



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