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Ed Norton is The Hulk?

EdNorton.jpgIt is almost too strange to comprehend, but Edward Norton has apparently signed up to play Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk in the film directed by Louis Leterrier.

Sounds strange doesn't it? The first Hulk didn't do at all well and despite it having star names attached to all the leads it was a film that really struggled. Then there's Leterrier who I think is a great action director and has given us The Transporter and Unleashed (Danny the Dog).

Adding these two facts up doesn't bring me to the natural conclusion of managing to get Norton to sign up to the part of Bruce Banner, and yet he has.

According to Variety through Superhero Hype he's done just that, and the Marvel studio is full of praise for the actor and his talent.

Still, I'm very surprised, shocked even, that Norton would make this choice in his career.



I can say that this is some of the weirdest news I've heard in a long, long time. I never would have thought this in a million years... such a weird career choice. Norton typically isn't a guy that's into big paychecks, but he either must be getting a helluva big one here, or this thing really has one special script.

He's one of the best actors working today... I hate to see him waste it on a silly action movie (which is what Leterrier's other films are).

We'll see, I guess. Such weird news...

Having heard nothin about the movie, it's hard to criticize, but I gotta say... WTF!? I didn't even know there was another Hulk movie coming out. I HATED the first one.

Norton is one of my heroes. I hope this isn't true, but also, Norton is very wise with his screenplays he chooses, so there must be something he knows that we don't. We'll have to see. Still, ugh... siiiiigh.

I am both suprised and pleased about this.

I'm in the minority as I loved the first movie, being a big Ang Lee fan and a big Hulk fan (the comic books when I was a kid, not so much the TV series).

Lee's hulk fits in to his filmography as a story of repressed emotion - think The Ice Storm, Sense and Sensibility and Brokeback Mountain. But I can understand the reaction to it as not necessarily a great Hulk movie.

Casting Norton is a better fit for the Bruce Banner character, for me Eric Bana was a little too buff for the role, though I thought he played it well.

Norton signing up bodes well for the script and is almost as much of a suprise as the cast for John Favereau's Iron Man project. My inner fanboy has a big cheesy grin!

It is indeed the strangest casting for a comic book movie ever, but it goes to show how these projects are attracting the big names.

First it was Bale, then it was Downey Jr. (who is still a big name in my book) and now Edward Norton.

Still I can't see the mindset from Norton, but we shall see.

Will the Hulk be CGI or Norton in a suit?

This should be interesting...

Ed Norton is a fantastic actor, i think he will bring so much more than Bana's very wood-like performance.

Now if they have sorted out the script, use minimal "don't make me angry" statements and not have a water/electric storm as the main baddie then this will be an enjoyable action flick.

Hey Billy, I think the original idea was a mixture, but some comments since have suggested CGI again.

Pablo I thought you would have liked Bana considering his country of origin!


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