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Edit Piaf's La Vie En Rose trailer

LaVieEnRose.jpgLa Môme (La Vie En Rose) is the biographical film of the legendary singer Edith Piaf directed by Olivier Dahan. The trailer is right here for you to see, and while it looks strong visually, I can't help but think that this looks like a bit of a rough cut.

Have a look and see what you think, the soundtrack will be superb that's for sure, and the classic La Vie en Rose.

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Wow, I was just stunned to see that Dahan also directed Rivières pourpres II (Crimson Rivers II) which, although not as strong as the original, it's a million miles from this film.



Oh I love Edith Piaf! Tu Es Partout is one of my favorite tunes, I can sing it too! ;)

I ♥ Marion Cotillard. I'm really looking forward to this film for her performance alone.

Hey this film is superb and Marion Cotillard is amazing

A French.

I was trying to remember where I saw her first, and I realised it was opposite Russell Crowe in A Good Year.

She is fantastic in Jeux D'Enfants (female lead) and A Very Long Engagement (the assassin). I guess she collects her paycheck with the Taxi series of films, but she is on the French A-List after this film.

Hey Kurt, thanks for the heads up on her other roles. I have been catching up on my foreign language film viewing and just looking at this trailer I was already having goosebumps as the resemblance to Piaf is uncanny!

Marion Cotillard is also in a French film that translates roughly to "Love me if You Dare"--very charming.


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