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Ender's Game in turnaround at Warner

OrsonScottCard.jpgIt seems that the film adaptation of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game isn't off to a very strong start, as Card says in an interview, the film has been put into turnaround at Warner Brothers. However he does believe this was a good thing.

He believes that the film now is in a better position so that the Production companies can take it to new studios or try to raise the money for the film independently.

Currently Card is taking on the scriptwriting duties himself, and he says that he hasn't actually looked at any of the previous scripts and therefore won't be taking any of them onboard. He is looking at pulling together elements from Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow.

Also in the interview over at IGN he doesn't mention the Director Wolfgang Petersen, and seems quite dismissive of any Director being signed onto the project. It does sound as if they might be looking for someone new. Until there is financing in place then no Director can be hired says the article.

Great spin though, turning the potential bad news around into good.



Didn't know this was slated for a film release. I thought it was an awesome book that could be REALLY cool as a feature film, but also could be disastrous. Keep us posted on this project. Sounds interesting.

Hey Drew. Here's a quote from a story back in July:

Weiss is better known as a novelist, although he is also in the process of writing the screenplay for Ender's Game from the Orson Scott Card novel which Wolfgang Petersen will direct.

That was D.B. Weiss by the way.


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