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Eric Red to write and direct 100 Feet

FamkeJanssen.jpgWe already heard that the stunning Famke Janssen is set to star in a film called 100 feet, but now news is out that Eric Red is set to write and direct the film. Red is best known for writing on The Hitcher and Near Dark.

That news certainly does push up the quality of this film. 100 Feet tells the story of Marnie Watson, played by Janssen, who kills her abusive husband in self-defense. She is sentanced to house arrest and is tagged, forcing her to remain within 100 Feet of the house. However she finds that the house is possessed by the violent and revenge filled ghost of her dead husband.

The news of Red onboard comes from Variety through Rope of Silicon.

Now initially when I read that I thought that Janssen had made a bad choice. I'd previously been a big fan of hers for the obvious reasons, she's stunning to watch and captivating on screen. However when I saw The Treatment (Filmstalker review) I was amazed away by what a great actress she is, something that we'd seen glimpses of in previous films, but here it really was highlighted to me.

However with news that Red is writing and directing there just might be hope that this rises up from being a pretty standard horror/thriller to something a bit more special. I'm hopeful anyway, and I'm sure I'll go see it with Janssen there.



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