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Fame remake

Fame.jpgThey are even going to remake Fame now, and it's more than a rumour, MGM Chief Rick Sands has announced it and said that a script is already in development but they are keeping it under wraps.

I remember I used to be a fan of Fame and the TV shows. I even had the audio cassettes (yes cassettes) of the shows and I loved one song in particular, Hot Lunch Jam. A few years ago I was in the shower and this base line hit my head, it just kept repeating and I wasn dum-dee-dum-dee-dumming it for ages until it hit me. It was Hot Lunch Jam, something I hadn't listened to in years. Even now I'll find that the beat kicks into my head now and again, in fact I can hear it now.

Anyway, that was a big aside. Fame is back and the word is that it will carry a US$25 million budget, it already has a Director and Writer, but no cast. That's all that Sands would say to The Hollywood Reporter through AICN.

The musicals are back. So hurry up and let's get Guy's and Dolls up there! Do you want another Fame musical then? Can it possibly be as good as the original? Presumably we won't hear from the original cast or characters. Who could possibly be directing, Jackson or Raimi? Oh, that's another film...



If there's one musical that I'd be up in arms being remade it will have to be Grease. There's just no way you can beat Travolta-Newton John team up there.

If we are going to be treated to remakes for the next decade or so, what is the point?


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