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Fiennes takes Chromophobia to Cuba

Chromophobia.jpgMartha Fiennes is set to premiere her new film Chromophobia in Cuba, and while there she and her husband will also be hosting workshops for budding filmmakers.

The film is about the issues faced by a rich London family after they sacrific their traditional values such as honesty, loyalty and friendship in favour of an ethics based morality based on success and celebrity status, rather a telling tale of our times.

Ralph Fiennes, Martha's brother, Kirstin Scott Thomas, Penélope Cruz, Ian Holm, Rhys Ifans, Damian Lewis and Ben Chaplin all star in the film.

According to the story from Prensa Latina through Topix, both Martha Fiennes and her husband George Tiffin, a Director and photo specialist, will be taking part in workships with the students of the International Cinema School of the Three Worlds in San Antonio de los Banos.

The film sounds interesting, and with a superb cast too, and it seems very unusual that she is taking the premiere to Cuba, but then the Fiennes have attended many film events there, and Cuba is a lovely country, much better than a wet premiere in the UK! It has already seen a release in Italy, France, Israel and Spain, has anyone seen it to comment?



Did you say Damian Lewis? ;)

I did...

He's yum, that's why. ;)


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