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Filmstalker nominated for Brit Blog Awards 2007!

Filmstalker has been shortlisted for the Brit Blog Awards 2007 in the Arts & Entertainent category!

The awards, run by Ask.com and Metro.co.uk, have a variety of blogs in various categories including Weird & Wonderful, Sport, Travel, Fashion, Politics, Technology, Youth and of course Arts & Entertainment. Here's what Metro has on the nomination process:

We've sifted our way through over a thousand nominations, in 8 categories, to pick out five of the best in each category– the most interesting, original, or just plain fun blogs around.

Now our panel of celebrity judges – including England cricketer Alastair Cook, TV presenter Jason Bradbury and rock mogul Alan McGee – will decide which blogs will emerge triumphant.

The judging for the Arts & Entertainment category is being carried out by Alan McGee and the competition is tough, including the UK comedian Richard Herring!

May I thank all those who voted, and to all those new to the site from the Awards, please do stick around, there's plenty room for you, reader or commenter alike.

Brit Blog Awards 2007
Brit Blog Awards 2007 Arts & Entertainment category



Congratulations! Almost there! :)

Very cool.

What's a guy gotta do to get nominated...?? ;-)


Oh goody!!! I am so thrilled for you Richard, shortlisted and all. All the hard work is finally paying off eh?

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one ;)

Where's the winner's party? Elton's place?

Get the champagne on ice and the acceptance speech prepared!


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