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First picture of Joker from The Dark Knight?

HeathLedger.jpgThe new face of the Joker from The Dark Knight is online. Previously there was a test shot scooped and released which many doubted was actually the Joker himself, and there could even be a question over if this is Heath Ledger or not.

Well now there's another shot online, and this appears to be an actual make-up test shot. I'm not sure how legitimate it really is, but it certainly looks the part.

You can see the new photo over at AICN and I won't steal their thunder. They also have the previous shot which was disputed as to whether it was real or not.

It does look like a much more realistic and modern day Joker, but I can't help but think that there's a lot more to go onto that face yet. Perhaps more make up, prosthetics, or even some CGI, because right now he just looks like a guy with a scarred face.

Now I'm not saying he should be like the old Nicholson Joker, not at all, but there are some key features missing. The smile for one. That's why I can't help thinking that there's much more to go on as yet.



The grin aint there at all!

Turns out it's a fake, according to BatmanOnFilm

Cheers Spidey, I was reading that today. Photoshopped it seems. Lucky I didn't put too much stock in it...

That said it all looked good apart from the smile, or lack thereof.


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