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Forget Hulk's colour, Norton's the real story

EdNorton.jpgIt's interesting when the news that gathered the most attention from the film sites and blogs was the "Hulk is grey" story and not the fact that Ed Norton is set to play Bruce Banner and the Hulk himself. Ed Norton everyone.

The story came from a quote that Avi Arad gave when he was describing the new Hulk, he was saying that everything would be new about him, even the colour. Well, he said color, but let's not hold that against him. Well now he is putting right as he says that the Hulk will be green and he never said grey.

According to his comments today through Empire Online and SuperHero Hype it's going to be a different shade of green. Surprise, surprise. I still don't care, and I'm surprised you do.

For god's sake people, Ed Norton is playing a cartoon character whose first big screen outing was a box office failure. Not only that but he's being directed by the man who directed Transporter, Louis Leterrier. I'm not slagging either the director or that film off because I really enjoyed Transporter, but again I feel the need to say, it's Ed Norton, and he's playing The Incredible Hulk, whatever colour he turns out to be. Isn't that the more interesting angle? Shouldn't that be the marketing slant Arad is pushing for? Aren't you more interested in why Norton is taking this on rather than what colour the CGI creature will be?



Naturally, that's more interesting. But as we ranted and rambled and questioned it, you can only do that for so long before you just have to accept it and figure something else to talk about.

Anyway, a grey Hulk would have been way cooler anyway.

I would see this film now that Norton is involved, I still would have seen it anyway if they retained Bana.

I can see how 'fans' of the comic would be interested in such properties as his colour .. so they can start dipping into what version of the story they may take .. Ed Norton though .. Smashing news!! -- sorry i can't help it :P


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