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Fox and Gurry join Speed Racer

MatthewFox.jpgLooks like Speed Racer's rival, Racer X, is in final negotiations, and the actor is...Matthew Fox. Yes the bloke from the infuriating Lost.

The word is that Fox is almost there and the announcement is made alongside that of Kick Gurry negotiating the role of Sparky, Speed's hippie style mechanic.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter comes through IESB.

Neither of these really make me feel anything one way or the other, however I kind of feel that about the whole project, but then I hadn't even heard of Speed Racer before the film was announced. Perhaps it will be a surprise when I finally see it?



"infuriating" Lost? Why do you say that?

Well bear in mind where the UK non-Sky viewers are with the series and you might realise.

For me the show just took a poor turn and decided to show another group of people on the island and go through the same formula of showing their lives, but with less intrigue. It just felt like more of the same, and I started getting quite frustrated with the continual standard delay tactics.


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