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Free film screenings at 1245 metres!

Cairngorm.jpgBritain's highest cinema is about to open it's "doors" for the Aviemore Mountain Film Festival which will feature a film this weekend atop the 1245 metre high Cairngorm mountain.

The Festival is about all things extreme, so in the specially constructed cinema tent on top of the mountain films showing mountain biking, base jumping, skiing, kayaking, etc will be shown from the 2006 Festival as a run up to the 2007 Festival which is on from the 17th to the 20th of May.

Entry to the cinema is free, although you have to get up there yourself, and a donation can be made to the Festival's charity partner, Disability Snowsport UK.

You can visit the official Festival site for details of the event, but Outdoorsmagic tells us that apart from the films there will be lectures and workshops from various people including the top UK's top mountain bikers, and most of them, films included, are free.

Then, of course, there's the closing party, which is billed as the best end of festival party there is...now there's a reason to go!



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