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Friedkin's Bug new trailer online

WilliamFriedkin.jpgThere's a new trailer out for William Friedkin's Bug. You'll remember that this is the man responsible for scaring half the world to death with The Exorcist - good man!

This film is a claustrophobic horror which takes place in a motel room where two strangers meet for a night of passion. The man is a war bet who believes that there are bugs inside of him, eating away at him, and before long the woman is believing the same things too.

Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon and Harry Connick Jr. take the leads.

Now it doesn't sound that strong until you see the trailer which is over at Yahoo Movies [Embed] through AITH.

The trailer looks very powerful and incredibly effective, this could scare the...well, the bugs right out of you. I love the fact that the film feels so tight and that it could well be confined to just their motel room. Early reports are very positive on the film, and Friedkin could have a horror hit on his hands once again.



My wife made the mistake of picking this movie last night for our night out, and just so other Filmstalkers know, this isn't a horror, not in the traditional sense. While the performances are, for the most part, very good, some bad direction and editing make major plot points in the movie laughable. I considered leaving once in the first 30 minutes and then would have left toward the end if I hadn't known it was almost the end. Both instances were likely because the director did a poor job editing by using two over-the-top performances from Judd. Of course, my reaction may have been the director's intention so who knows if it was really bad directing. To explain more fully would spoil the plot so I'll leave it at that.

Hey Hap, huge thanks for this heads up. I'm sure everyone else will appreciate this too.

I was hoping to catch it, but this doesn't sound promising at all. It's not that you're casting doubt on it either, over the top performances and bad editing is pretty damning.

Cheers Hap.


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