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Gaiman's Stardust gets R rated?

Stardust.jpgSurprisingly the Matthew Vaughn directed Stardust, the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel, has been given an R rating by the MPAA, and the reason given?

"fantasy violence and risque humor"

Is Stardust really going to be that tough a film? After seeing the trailer I really didn't think so, but I obviously must be mistaken. You know thinking about it, and bear in mind that I haven't seen Stardust, I'm not sure if anything could beat Lord of the Rings for fantasy violence. So did it receive the R for the risque humour?

I'm really confused at the moment, and the story from Jo Blo who tracked down the rating announcement at The Hollywood Reporter is strange to say the least. Whatever the rating I still think it will attract a big audience, but an R?

Can that really be right? Who has read the novel here, can anyone tell us if the novel would suggest such a rating? Does it even matter?



Surely it can't be that violent?


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