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Gears of War script treatment online

GearsofWar.jpgJust last month we heard that a Gears of War film was in the works, and today it seems that the initial treatment written by Stuart Beattie might just have been leaked online, and what's more is that you can read it too.

Gears of War is a videogame that...well let me quote from the previous write up:

The game shows you as Marcus Fenix who is a squad leader in the Coalition of Ordered Governments fighting against the massive Locust Horde, outnumbering you by...well...big numbers. Possibly endless numbers per level...until the level boss is killed that is...

...for gamers aged 18 and older, who seek a deeper and more connected story that revolves around mature themes and depictions. The massively scoped worlds, memorable characters, and epic story line of Gears of War play out like an intense and unsettling Hollywood blockbuster action film. Movie-quality cut scenes, cinematic camera moves, and in-game storytelling bring the brutal, emotionally charged narrative to life...

Sounds good, and from reports of friends that have played it they say it is very good, just a bit short overall. The script treatment looks at events before the game, the events that brought about the fully fledged war you're in.

It tells of the final moments of the battle of Aspho Fields, the last of the Pendulum Wars, and the dawning realisation that humans are not alone on the planet. Already there's a nice build up of characters with Marcus Fenix, Dom Santiago, Captain Hoffman, and the usual crew. What do you think? After reading some of this it does seem like it could work on the big screen, if they handle it well from here on out.

If you don't want to read about it, don't look at the full article, stop right here...If you do, then you can head over to Latino Review to see the full write up through Eurogamer.



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