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Goodman and Sarandon in Speed Racer?

JohnGoodman.jpgCasting rumours are placing John Goodman and Susan Sarandon to play the parents of Speed Racer, now played by Emile Hirsch, in the live action film directed by the Warchowski Brothers.

The announcement for Hirsch was made a few weeks ago, but there's been no word yet on other casting.

Yahoo News has the word that both actors are in negotiations for the roles. Goodman would play Pops, a former wrestler turned race care owner and builder, whild Sarandon is the strong family presence who also provides support for the Mach 5 racing team.

Both are great talents, and I wouldn't be surprised about Goodman taking up the role, although I would with Sarandon since she's now more known for her more stand-worthy films. Still, it wouldn't be out of the question.

Still to be found are the parts of his girlfriend and Racer X, Speed's mysterious rival, who would you have play them? Reeves for Racer X?!



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