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Gordon Ramsay's life on film?

GordonRamsay.jpgGordon Ramsay, the celebrated michelin star chef and TV personality, recently wrote a book about his life called Humble Pie. Now he's saying that it might be made into a film.

He told the Sun newspaper that the deal was being talked about right now, and he seems positive about it.

"I've been approached by some amazing guys who see it as a kind of Billy Elliot-style film, only with chef's whites instead of ballet shoes. The climax will be our young hero picking up his first Michelin star.

It seems unimaginable that this book, which was sometimes painful to write, could ever be turned into something for the big screen. I didn't set out to do anything other than set the record straight but it seems that somewhere along the way people recognised aspects of themselves in my story."

The story comes through Digital Spy.

Normally this kind of story wouldn't really interest me, but it's Gordon Ramsay and he has an amazing life story. Although I haven't read the book I do know some of it, and it would make for an interesting triumph against all odds story.



Yeah, I'll be interested to see this movie.


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