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Goyer talks Scanners remake

Scanners.jpgDavid Goyer has been talking about writing the remake of the David Cronenberg classic Scanners, and although I was really sceptical before, I think this might actually work out.

I'm really not a fan of remakes, but there are a few that are in production just now that I believe could actually work, and Scanners is one of them. Now with Goyer's comments reinforcing that view I'm thinking there might be more potential in it:

"One of the...things that's also great about Scanners was the fact that Cronenberg embeds so much subtext into his stories...So we've tried to keep the spirit of that and kind of transpose that into a post-9/11 world, if you can imagine what Scanners would be involved in in that kind of world...What we're trying to do is take all the best elements of that."

In the comments over at Sci Fi WireSci Fi Wire, Goyer goes on to call Cronenberg a genius and say that he really does love the original film and script. I actually believe these words, and it does sound as though he has a lot of respect for the film.

The original film was about a group of people who had been treated with an experimental drug when they were younger, this had the side affect of giving them enhanced brain activity, and the power to control the physical world with their mind. One very powerful Scanner begins to group together others and starts to use them for his own agenda, while the other most powerful Scanner tries to come to terms with the power he has.

It is a great film, and one I would highly recommend seeing. I remember it scared me when I was young. I have no qualms about the script being very strong from Goyer, but will one of the creators of the Saw franchise, Darren Lynn Bousman, keep the direction equally strong?



Despite my love of watching Michael Ironside in just about anything, I do consider SCANNERS to be far and away one of Cronenberg's weaker efforts. Resting mainly on the shocking image (then and now) of the exploding head scene.

I guess if they have to (potentially) tarnish a Cronenberg film with a remake, it might as well be Scanners.

Not saying all remakes are bad. Cronenberg actually has one of the better ones (The Fly) under his belt. But in that case it is bringing his own directorial (and thematic) sensibility to a story that was out there.

Ironically, the group of people who are often best at remaking are the Auteur set. The one group you'd rather see out doing original projects.

But I'm getting off topic here...

Scanners is certainly one of Cronenbergs better films but i'm really getting a bit fed up of Hollywood continually remaking "classic" films. They'll remake the Exorcist soon!!!

Congratulations by the way on your British blog nomination - i've found your blog really informative. Have you thought about submitting your blog here?

Hey Mark, many thanks, it's a great honour, really!

Looks an interesting site Mark, but I can't find anywhere to submit Filmstalker.


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