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Grindhouse to have missing reels

VanessaFerlito.jpgNow I'm not sure how true this is, so treat in the salty rumour mill category for now, but there may well be "missing reel" moments in the Grindhouse film.

What's a missing reel? Well that's a real hark back to the days when scenes were removed and instead of cutting the film down to size "missing reel" was put in its place, well that's my understanding of it.

So there may well be one or more of these missing reel moments in the film, and that might give the makers the opportunity to drop them into the DVD.

I can see the point if they are really trying to recreate the authenticity of the Grindhouse, but they couldn't afford to repeat this too many times in the film.

Interestingly st39.6 tells us that the DVD will have a version of the film that has all these Grindhouse features removed and the film properly colour corrected. No fake scratches and marks and at least one of the "missing reel" messages will be replaced with the actual scene.

Another rumour from Movie List Forums is that a lapdance scene has been removed, one with Vanessa Ferlito's (she of the amazing pout) character performing for Stuntman Mike. Now I thought this one was going to be staying in because I've seen the clips so often for that scene.

Do you think these "missing reel" messages will add to the film, and how do you feel about all the fake scratches, marks and missing reels coming out for a DVD release?



My understanding is that they did this as a way to shorten the film. Personally, I think it's an ingenious way to go about it and still keep to the Grindhouse feel.

Hey Richard, I can confirm this.

I actually reported on it in my coverage of Rodriguez's Grindhouse 101 panel at SXSW, but didn't go into a ton of detail on what he said about it:


He's leaving an entire reel out of his film intentionally... he said it'll be the part with all the boring stuff. So one minute everyone hates each other and they're losing, the next there's a splice and they're all friends and kicking ass.

Yup, I actually read about this a while back too. I'm pretty sure this is true. And I have one word to describe it:


CAN'T WAIT for this flick tomorrow night!!
I am absolutely salivating!!


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