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Grindhouse UK release halted

GrindHouse.jpgThe UK distributors for Grindhouse have put the release plans on hold to review both the date and the release plans, trying to make sure that there's not another failure of box office release as there was in the US.

Grindhouse was to be released in the UK as a complete entity, with both films back to back as in the States, then the rumour came that it was going to be split into two separate films, just like the rest of the world releases. That rumour was put down by various sites, but now it seems it might just be true after all.

According to the report Momentum Pictures, the UK distributor of the film, has announced the release is on hold:

"We are reviewing the release date and the release plans in the UK. It will definitely be released here but we don’t know in what form."

For some time now the release date has been the 1st of June in the UK, but not any more. It seems to be quite a depressing picture for Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and the backers of the film. With the incredibly poor US box office takings and now this news, it could well be possible that we are looking at that previously touted split in the films.

The article in the Times also backs up this previous rumour:

It has taken only $23 million in three weeks in American cinemas, with half of that over the Easter weekend, and the Weinstein brothers are considering whether to slice it into two separate films.

I'm positive we'll still see a release, it would be crazy not to at least try and recoup the money, but it might be a smaller release than expected and I could definitely see the film split in two, especially now the UK distributor is confirming the previous rumours.



Wait again now and this piece will be copied without a mention of the source.


Omg i need this movie released ok!

Rose McGowan is soooo fit!
Ive got the poster for Planet Terror on my wall!
Ive got pics of Rose all over my myspace profile!
Ive even got the theme for Planet Terror as my profile song and ive got the CD at home!

I well love Rose and need to see this movie!
Her leg is a gun!
Does it get any fitter than that!



This film need to be released as ONE! i think the hole point making it was to give the people the grindhouse feel back, if i was QT or RR i will stop as nothing to get it out as one. i hate it how everything comes down to money, the company has money, why dont they let it go and except it might not do that well in the boxoff, many films fail and just because this had a bad time in the US doset mean it will in the UK. IT WILL ROUIN THE HOLE thing! i know of people who are not going to see it now and are waiting for the R1 dvd to come out...might do the same!

You seriously have to be joking when you say the Weinstein’s are thinking of releasing Grindhouse as separate movies.

Think they may just be missing the point a tad.

My advice...... A little bit of marketing wouldn't go a miss. Few posters.... maybe even a TV slot or two.

My stance, ONE film.

I want to see both films at the moment but there is no way I will double up Harvey and Bobs revenue by watching both. I'll just see the QT offering and then bitch and winge about how they ruined Grindhouse!!!!!!!

Hey Phil it is more than just thinking, they are doing. I'd wait for the DVD, I'm sure that will be a double deal.

I thought I just read somewhere they were releasing as two DVDs WITHOUT the fake trailers. Might have been at Movie Patron...can't remember. Someone was irate about the DVD release, though.

I think some digging is called for, if they do a separate DVD release as well then it really is only for money making and I think the fans would be pretty unhappy about that.

Perhaps if they do this we'll see a second DVD release with a boxset afterwards, even more ways to rake in the cash.

I found it...it was a Movie Patron blog post:


Cheers Hap, that's astounding. What drivel the Weinstein's are thinking.

I'm at a real loss with the Weinstein's. I enjoy a lot of their movies, but their behavior is unfortunate. They're also in an exclusivity arrangement with Blockbuster here in the U.S. which annoys the hell out of me as a Netflix customer.

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