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Haggis wants Theron in Whitewater scandal

CharlizeTheron.jpgCharlize Theron is set to star in a biographical film of Susan McDougal, the woman who was involved in the Whitewater real estate scandal along with her husband, President Clinton and the First Lady. Almost more exciting than that is the news that Paul Haggis is onboard to either produce, write and direct or all three.

The story looks into McDougal's involvement, but in particular her time spent in prison for refusing to testify during the trial and was convicted to eighteen months behind bars.

According to Washington Whispers through Jo Blo, Haggis apparently asked for Theron on the project after his experience working with her on In The Valley of Elah.

Part of me thinks that she shouldn't really profit (and I don't mean just financially) from a film like this, but then again perhaps when we see the full (Hollywood version) of the story we might see that she was doing the right thing.

Does anyone who has more knowledge on the Whitewater case fancy telling us a bit more about it all? Is this story going to make a strong political thriller, or will it turn into more of a prison story? Hopefully we can find out as they bring Haggis on board.



Well, I can't say that I know a whole lot about the whitewater scandal, but it did make for a lot of good gossip around Arkansas. While I think the political implications, which led to attempted impeachement of President Clinton, are interesting, I think this will probably turn into some kind of "prison is not a place anyone should be and we should make it better and oh yeah, we'll be talking about how she's making a stand against these people for what's right." I think the interest in Clinton will make it pretty successful and Theron in the lead doesn't hurt as a selling point. While internationally I don't know the appeal, it should do fairly well in the States, granted they don't spend $80 million dollars to make it or something.
see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitewater_scandal
for general information...

Thanks Rickey, I linked that in the article too.

I think we're going to see something that looks more to Theron's character than Clinton though, I'd prefer if it did it in a big political thriller style.


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