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Heather Mills in film of her life?

HeatherMills.jpgThis does sound like utter speculation in order to get a quote, but the British paper The Daily Star has a source suggesting that Heather Mills is looking into making a documentary of her life.

This would look at her life from the controversy of posing for a German sex manual, her successful modelling career, the car accident where she had her leg removed, her rehabilitation and continued career, right up to the marriage and divorce with Paul McCartney.

Through Contact Music the quote goes:

"Love her or hate her, everyone has an opinion on Heather . She's had such an eventful life and it would be easy to turn it into a film. It would also be a perfect opportunity for Heather to set the record straight on a few things."

There's another source (bear in mind that this is a way of saying something without being held accountable) that says Mills would love to set the record straight and if the deal was right she would consider it. Now that's pretty plain to read that this is total speculation and that Mills isn't involved, so whatever's going on it's certainly not concrete.

However look through the tabloid rubbish and there is a story here. If you removed everything else and concentrated on her modelling, the accident, and her return to work, you have a great story of hope and triumph. That said though it is Heather Mills and she's not on the heroine list of late with the public.

What do you think, is there a story there? One you might see?



Not interested.



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