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Hostel: Part II official poster online

HostelPartII_Poster.jpgThe new poster is live for Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II and it follows in the vein of the other horror posters out there just now, showing one of the characters hanging upside down, obviously in some distress.

What gets me when I look at this is if the MPAA are stepping in and clamping down on posters such as the ones for Captivity then why aren't we seeing the same happen here? I would say this is more distressing than the other posters we've seen the MPAA complain about wouldn't you?

That said I don't think it should be taken off as it's a cracking poster and should be up to the individual companies whether they display it on their own boards. For me it's a horror, that means it needs a scary poster, and this one delivers.

You can see the full size over at Bloody Disgusting. Have a close look at the upside down Blair Witch snot shot!



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