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Infamous Italian politician Giulio Andreotti gets film

GiulioAndreotti.jpgThe Italian Prime Minister who served seven terms, Giulio Andreotti, is about to get a film made about his life and dealings, something which should cause a split between many people.

Director Paolo Sorrentino is to create the film of his life. Sorrentino has been nominated twice for the Cannes Palme d'Or and said that he has already met with Andreotti on two occassions to talk about a film. Andreotti seemed indifferent and Sorrentino said:

"He asked me what he had ever done to deserve having a film made about him."

According to Wikipedia and The Hollywood Reporter, Giulio Andreotti was one of the most powerful men in Italy following the war and allegedly had strong ties to the Vatican and the Mafia.

In 2002 he was convicted of ordering the murder of a journalist who had published allegations of Mafia connections about him back in 1979. He was immediately released on appeal though, and was cleared of all corruption charges when the courts found that he had strong ties only until 1980 which he only used to further his political career.

It does sound as though this would make a great story, and clear up many of the rumours and allegations that have been made throughout his lifetime and even in the Godfather series where the fictional character Don Licio Lucchesi is supposed to have been "modelled" on him. Paolo Sorrentino has a huge task ahead of him.



even in the Godfather series where the fictional character Don Licio Lucchesi is supposed to have been "modelled" on him.

Our ships must sail in the same direction, it's not personal Godfather, it's business. - Don Lucchesi to Michael Corleone in The Godfather III

I'm in!


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