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Iran to release documentary of British soldiers

Rather than complain about foreign fantasy films it seems that Iran is set to fight back in the realm of cinema and get their side of a story out before the West does.

Iran's armed forces are working to release a documentary and a book about the armed capture, imprisonment and release of the British armed forces, and you can be sure that the UK and US will respond in kind when the soldier's stories are told.

Armed Iranian forces surrounded the British vessel which was patrolling the waters between Iraq and Iran and took the soldiers at gun point to Iran, keeping them prisoner for thirteen days. During that time the Iranian officials celebrated their local holidays and then issued film of various soldiers talking of their capture.

Upon returning to Britain the soldiers revealed what they experienced. They said they were bound, blindfolded, treated to a mock firing squad, separated, threatened with imprisonment, told they had been abandoned, and so on.

According to the story in Reuters the Iranian Commander Alireza Afshar dismissed this as propoganda:

"Instead of thanking and welcoming the Islamic Republic for its clemency in pardoning the sailors, the childish staged theatre ... once more displayed Britain's aggressive habit"

That'll be the aggressive habit of having armed forces taken at gunpoint by another country's armed forces, something which in other times has been deemed an act of war? Okay, I'm straying off of film here and into politics, which is very difficult not to do on such a subject.

The fact is that Iran is releasing a documentary of the events before the UK can, which may well have been prompted along by the anti-300 debate that now seems to have died down. Now that the British army have allowed the soldiers to tell their story, perhaps we'll also see a documentary for the UK in the coming years.



Maybe their "documentary" can weave the "fact" that the holocaust never happened into the story.


As much boring as Iranian cinema is, imagine a doccumentary! They will portray the British soldiers as the carriers of "all the ivol".


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