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Iron Man's first suit on set

IronManOldSuit.jpgThe first image of the Iron Man suit is online, and I'm not talking a drawing here I'm talking from the actual set of the film.

This looks like the first prototype of the Iron Man armour, after all it looks nothing like the concept art and teaser work we've seen so far. It's big, looks like it's been built with huge steel sheets, and has some sort of cannister on the arm that's almost the same thickness again. It really does look old and clunky.

The image is in darkness and at the back of what looks like a storeroom, perhaps it's the first prototype that has been packed away as Stark developed his latest red and yellow suit.

Regardless you can see the full size image over at IGN. It's the first glimpse of the big guy's suit and I like it. I just can't wait for the big one now.



Freaking WOW! :-0


The original Iron Man armour in the comic was a big yellow clunky affair. This quickly evolved into the more sleeker red and yellow variations.

The armour in the photo is not a million miles away from that original look, but not that close either...


Actually, the VERY first armor was grey. Then there was a gold version of that same grey armor. That armor looks very much inspired by the recent design by Adi Granov. I have a comparison pic on my site.


Yeah, the original armor looked exactly like this. This is so spot on it's ridiculous. Good lord, this could be so great...

You can see a picture of the original look compared to this picture here if you'd like.


I love it when fanboys congregate. :)


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