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Isaiah Washington in paedophile priest film

IsaiahWashington.jpgIsaiah Washington has undoubtedly gathered more notice than his role in Grey's Anatomy deserves, and also it is unfortunate that this focus is for comments that were made outside of his acting. However news is that he's set to tackle a pretty controversial and perhaps extremely career positive role.

He is set to star in a film called The Least of These which looks into the story of a Priest returning to the Catholic School where he was once abused. The character actually replaces a missing Teacher who has been said to have molested teenage boys and perhaps even murdered one of them.

Nathan Scoggins is the Writer and Director of the film who seems to be very much a Catholic himself, so the story line seems even more interesting as it comes from the point of view of a Catholic.

Scoggins says through Yahoo News that the choice of the actor was risky considering the public view of him at the time, but that this was the type of actor that he wanted.

"We focus exclusively on the corruption of other priests who choose not to step in and say something...Isaiah's character stays razor focused on the situation and (on) not condemning a whole section of the population...This is part of him moving forward and making restitution"

I actually think that Washington is a strong actor in the series and I really would like to see him in a film lead, then take the plot of this film which promises to be quite intense, and we could see how good his acting really is. Sometimes I wonder how much of a chance actors really get on fast paced TV series such as this.



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