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Jamie Bell replaces Radcliffe on Equus

JamieBell.jpgJamie Bell is set to swap with Daniel Radcliffe to be naked on the London stage in the play Equus later this year.

Apparently Orlando Bloom was offered the part and turned it down, so it seems a great scoop for Bell to pick up from where Radcliffe left off.

Frankly I think it was a genius career move for Radcliffe and can onlye believe that this is going to have nothing but a positive affect on his career. As for Bell I don't think his career needs this, but he's another young actor who has made some stunning decisions on his rise to fame.

However it's really hard to believe the story from the Irish Evening Echo that Bloom was up for the role, wouldn't he be a bit too old for the part?



I don't believe for a second Bloom was up for the role. Unlike Radcliffe he's appeared in a lot of different roles in big movies, as opposed to just one big franchise, and has no need to show how diverse he can be (well he does, because he can't act, but that's a whole different story).

It makes a lot more sense for Bell who seems to be struggling a lot harder for roles (that fake American accent he seems to have adopted for most DVD interviews doesn't exactly endear him to many Brits), but I suspect that Radcliffe has stolen all the mileage there is to be had from this particular gimmick. Didn't something similar happen with the stage version of "The Graduate" where on-stage nudity got lots of headlines for the actress who first played the role, but precious little for follow-ons.

FWIW I thought the production I saw with Radcliffe in was excellent, although I don't agree with those who said it proved Radcliffe could act. Apart from the bravery of his being naked on stage for a good few minutes at the end (along with a female actress who is also naked - interesting how little coverage there's been in the media about that), all the part really required of him what that he deliver most of his lines in a "shouty" fashion.

In reference to Jamie Bell's "one franchise":
1. He was in King Kong as Jimmy, not a small role.
2. Nicholas Nickelby received very good reviews but didn't do too well at the box office.
3. Undertow: big disaster. 100k at the box office but I found it to be an engaging movie.
4. Flags of our Fathers: $33m at the box office, very good reviews.

These are only a few on Jamie's films since Billy Elliot. He's mostly making indie films (except King Kong) and he has 2 films being released this year: Hallam Foe & Jumper. He's been busy. I personally would prefer he not do Equus but he does seem to jump around: horror, scifi, WW2, WW1, little brother with their parents dead, big apes, etc. Perhaps he sees Equus as another challenge.


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