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Jim Sheridan to remake Brothers (Brødre)

Brothers_Poster.jpgThe Danish film Brothers, or Brødre, is being remade, and I had the chance to see the original just the other day. It's a good film, but I think doesn't make enough impact on some key emotional and moral moments for the audience. However today we here that Jim Sheridan is in talks to direct the remake.

Brødre is about two brothers, one is a high ranking soldier who is setting off to Afghanistan for a rescue mission of another soldier, the other brother is lost in life having just come out of prison he finds himself drinking, fighting and caught up in another downward spiral.

However in Afghanistan the rescue mission goes wrong, the helicopter is shot down and the brother presumed dead. The other brother starts to mend his ways when he finds himself taking the place of his brother at home and becoming the man of the house. However he, and his brother's wife, get too attached to this relationship, and in Afghanistan his brother isn't dead after all and has to do some terrible things to ensure he gets home.

I did enjoy the story, how the relationships were developed, and how believable the brother took hold in the home. However the scenes in Afghanistan seemed to be handled as simple plot devices rather than serious moments of moral decisions in the characters life. The ending also left you wanting some more exploration of the characters.

Yahoo Movies has the story.

Perhaps Jim Sheridan will fix this with the remake and we might see it even more character driven than before, if we look to his pre 2000 work then he definitely can, with the films My Left Foot, The Field, In The Name of The Father and The Boxer. Post 200 is a different matter though, Get Rich or Die Tryin'?



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