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Joffé directs t.A.T.u. film - video interview

Tatu.jpgt.A.T.u., if you will remember, are the most succesful International recording act from Russia that consisted of two young looking girls exploiting the image of school girl lesbians which made themselves renowned around the world.

Well the latest news is that they are going to be making a film and according to the girls none other than Roland Joffé is set to direct it!

The film will look at the real life events of two girls who were t.A.T.u. fans that met on the internet and fell in love. They wanted to run away to Moscow, but when they went to get their passports a fight broke out and they accidentally killed one of the girl's mothers. They then ended up in jail and all they wanted was to be together.

The film is based on the book t.A.T.u. Come Back written by Alexey Mitrofanov. There's a video interview online with the girls and the author talking about the film, and you can see it right here.

t.A.T.u. Talk on the Upcoming Movie

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According to the interview from Tatu's MyMarketingSpace blog, the film will be in English with an all American crew, but there will be Russian actors involved.

Over at Moviehole they actually have the casting calls for all the main characters which reveal a lot of the plot. Here are the two main leads of the girls (not the singers!):

Janie Sawyer: 17. This beautiful, petite, brown-haired and brown-eyed American girl from New York is stuck living in Moscow with her "step-monster" Olga and absentee dad. She is miserable at her elite private school, insecure about her looks, and would trade all her wealth for a real relationship with her dad. She and her new best friend and crush Lana escape to a t.A.T.u. concert, win a singing contest, and enter the wild nightlife of Moscow, where Janie's drug addiction takes its toll. Ultimately she overcomes her demons and starts a new life with Lana by her side. MUST BE OVER 18 OR EMANCIPATED. STAR NAMES ONLY.

Lead; Lana: 17.
Tall, lean and drop-dead gorgeous, poor but confident, this blonde-haired, green-eyed Russian girl lives in a small village with her mother and works at a meat packing plant. She hates it there and dreams of becoming a model or a singer like her idols t.A.T.u. She comes to Moscow to meet her new best friend and crush Janie and attend a t.A.T.u. concert, and is overwhelmed by the glamour and opulence of the big city. Independent-minded and talented, she is embarrassed when Edward, the modeling agent, rejects her, but her dreams are eventually realized when her poems and songs get t.A.T.u's attention. Must speak some Russian. MUST BE OVER 18 OR EMANCIPATED. STAR NAMES ONLY.

What do you think, could a film like this really work? Well it already seems that the band and the author themselves are set on the idea that t.A.T.u. are set in the background of the events and that the focus of the film is on the story of the girls, so that is one good thing. What about Joffé directing?



Wow. From the man who brought us The Mission and The Killing Fields... What the hell happened here?

Hi first id just like to say im a really big tatu fan !

So i have a question to ask if any one could awners it i would be great full

so here we go . . . you know the book they were talking about at the top of the page( Tatu come back ) well i would like to read it only that i have look on all the good book sellers i know like whsmith and water stone but there is no sign of it.
can somone tell me why? . . .
could u please ! tell me where 2 buy it
k thanks if u know please send me a message on here or at sims45@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks x

I haven't been able to find it for you either I'm afraid. Perhaps it's not been released yet?


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