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Jolie in Sin City 2 after all?

AngelinaJolie.jpgApparently the cast of Sin City 2 have been told not to tell who the lead actress is going to be in the new film. Rosario Dawson was quizzed about it and just couldn't tell.

"The lead actress is going to be absolutely fabulous; but I can't tell you who it is."

Is the quote from Contact Music through /Film.

We previously heard that Jolie was the one up for the lead, then we heard that she was unsure about the film, and then due to her pregnancy that Rachel Weisz was going to take over the role.

Now we're back to thinking that maybe they really are waiting for Jolie. /Film are saying that Robert Rodriguez said production begins June at the earliest, does that give Jolie time? Could it be her after all? Weisz or Jolie?



Its not Angelina Jolie, she's filming the movie "Wanted" around the time Sin City 2 is going to productions. its more than likely that its Rachel Weisz that they are waiting for.

Wanted has started filming already hasn't it? If the filming of Sin City 2 leaves Jolie's scenes until the last moment then we could probably see the schedules work.

That said I think you might be right regardless. It may not even be Weisz!

I think "Wanted" begins filming around May and Jolie has that Eastwood film right after that. Gut feeling is telling me that Jolie is out of Sin City 2.


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