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Jolie talks of A Might Heart filming

AngelinaJolie.jpgAngelina Jolie has been talking about her role in A Mighty Heart, the film which follows Mariane Pearl, the wife of Danny Pearl who was the journalist kidnapped in Pakistan and executed on video.

In it she talks about the difficulties in filming when she was the subject of so much paparazzi attention, and hints at the style of filming we're likely to see in the film itself.

There were several stories about the bodyguards for the film causing chaos with the locals, however most of this appears to be misguided as Jolie talks to Entertainment Weekly Magazine through Yahoo News.

"The paparazzi rushed through the gates and caused chaos. It was not the film production that caused chaos. We were only guilty of bringing the paparazzi..."

That's really an aside, and actually detracts from the story about the film itself. She says that Michael Winterbottom's style of filming could be very intrusive, and rather openly she talks about how they clashed over this.

"Michael and I would have disagreements over where he could follow me. We came up with a system. If I closed the door, he couldn't follow. If I left it open, he could...I just needed to know that if things got too heavy, there'd be a place for me to cry by myself."

It seems from that comment that he was really keen on keeping the filming style real and very natural. I wonder if there were the usual repeats of takes to get the right shots, or if this is much more loose and as it happens. It certainly sounds that way, and it's especially the case since Winterbottom is known for that very thing.

He likes to allow actors to improvise, to follow the action hand-held, and to see where scenes naturally progress. It all sounds like he's carrying this style into A Mighty Heart, and from the story itself it seems that these would merge together wonderfully.



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