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Kabul Beauty School follows documentary

KabulBeautySchool.jpgHere's a strange, but true tale that will make for an interesting film, the story of Kabul Beauty School and the founder Deborah Rodriguez. She had a crazy idea that when the Taliban was removed from power in Afghanistan she would head out and create a beauty school for women.

Crazy idea? Well perhaps not as under the Taliban women were forced to conceal themselves at all times, and now they could remove their veils and allow themselves to be seen.

Rodriguez was a hairdresser from Michigan, divorced and with two children. She decided to head to Afghanistan in 2002, just after the Taliban had been removed from power, and she found women who were only too eager to reveal themselves. So she opened the beauty school, with the help from various American beauty companies (early advertising!), and afterwards wrote a book about her experience entitled Kabul Beauty School.

Honestly I'm astounded. It sounds a crazy story, and yet when you think about it an extremely liberating one for all of those involved. Now, according to Variety, the rights have just been bought for a six figure sum by Columbia.

Interestingly there's a documentary already out there called The Beauty Academy of Kabul which seems to tell a similar story of more American woman who moved to Afghanistan in various periods from the beginning of the 1980's and have been running Beauty Schools even under the Taliban.



I think this will make for a really interesting story. Thanks for sharing this with us Rich.


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