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LaBeouf is sidekick in Indiana Jones IV

ShiaLabeouf.jpgSo Shia LaBeouf has confirmed that he's signed for Indiana Jones IV. Surprise. We honestly had no idea a few months back.

Well at least someone is young enough and fit enough to run on that set. According to the man himself he really didn't know anything when it was a rumour:

"Up until about two weeks ago, it was little more than a rumor...Literally, when I was saying, 'I don't know anything,' I didn't know anything. It was an act of faith. I have not read a script. I don't think anybody has."

According the USA Today story through Empire LaBeouf says that even when he talks to George Lucas he gets nothing, and sometimes when Lucas thinks he can tell him something he goes through to check with Steven Spielberg and after a short conversation comes back and doesn't reveal anything. So basically we're looking at a closed script that we're not going to get anything from.

Well at least we know LaBeouf is the sidekick for Indy...possibly.



Well... we have the cast. Let´s see how good the plot will be.

Why am I worried (again) all of a sudden about this script?


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