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LaBeouf wants Y: The Last Man lead

Y-TheLastMan.jpgShia LaBeouf is at it again, and very cleverly too I might add. He's pimping himself for a role in the film version of the highly regarded comic book Y: The Last Man, although unlike the Transformers rumour that he admitted he started, this time he's not even saying he's been approached.

While promoting his current film Disturbia in France, Shia LaBeouf said something along the lines of he'd really like to play the lead in the film version because he loved the comics so much. What a clever man. He's said that, and after he saw the buzz with the Transformers rumour he'll know that this is set to go round the Internet sites and maybe stir up fan interest.

The story of Y: The Last Man is about just that, the last man left alive on the planet after a plague kills all other men, he discovers that a world inhabited just with women isn't the paradise that one would think. The story comes from Jo Blo.

He's a clever man doing that, but if he is associated with the film it'll help the production move forward, something that hasn't exactly been smooth so far. The writer of the original comic, Brian K. Vaughan, is also writing the big screen adaptation.



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