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Leung returns to Woo's Battle of Red Cliff

TonyLeung.jpgAs Chow Yun-Fat leaves The Battle of Red Cliff epic from John Woo, Tony Leung re-enters.

I wrote about Leung leaving the film some time ago, a move that seemed to gather little attention from the press as he left for the simple reason of requiring a break and not feeling he had enough time to prepare, unlike that of Yun-Fat which has some nicely spiced hints of controversy in it.

However it sees that Leung has returned. Although we don't know yet if he is replacing Yun-Fat, he's definitely back in the production according to Producer Terence Chang through The Hollywood Reporter. The role he was to play before he left was that of Zhuge Liang which was taken by Takeshi Kaneshiro. So perhaps he is to take the role left open by Yun-Fat.

According to Chang the production isn't affected because there are so many scenes and the shooting is so complex that they can just move the schedule around slightly. He also talks about a possible backlash from investors for the film when Yun-Fat left, after all he is a big star.

"I thought there would be, but there has been none whatsoever. They all welcome Tony."

All in all it works out well and it's good news. The film continues and there's still a great star (most likely) in the role that Yun-Fat left behind.



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