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Levitt to replace Maguire for Spider-Man 4?

JosephGordon-Levitt.jpgThere's a huge rumour on the Internut today, that of who will replace Tobey Maguire should he pull out of the next Spider-Man film. That is, if there is one. For rumour today suggests that a replacement is being considered should the need arise.

We've heard that Maguire has been wondering if he would return as Spider-Man, it's been a no and a maybe, but never a yes. So in the meantime Sony aren't resting on the hope, they're looking to possible replacements should he not return, and one of them just might be Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

According to a source that Cinema Blend say is previously reliable, they are considering Gordon-Levitt as a replacement. They've been impressed with his work in The Lookout, and I would hope the rest of his work to date. The actor is superb at his job and I'm utterly convinced and drawn into everything he does.

However there's a big question over this, would Gordon-Levitt say yes? After he finished with the very mainstream 3rd Rock from the Sun series he's really turned to much less blockbuster films and looked to very strong character roles, something that has really suited him and helped build his acting profile.

So would he turn to a huge blockbuster that could potentially label him and detract from roles such as in The Lookout and Brick (Filmstalker review)? He certainly could fit the role well, but would he take it?



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