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Liu's Rise: Blood Hunter trailer online

LucyLiu.jpgThe trailer for Rise: Blood Hunter is online, and it's right here for you to see.

The film sees Lucy Liu's character turned into a vampire by a rather sexy Carla Gugino, and once she realises she teams up with a cop played by Michael Chiklis to help her kill the vampire sect that turned her, and the cop has to in turn kill her.

Lucy Liu is a great actress and takes on some surprising roles, and this is one of them. Before this I hadn't thought we'd see her in a vampire film, but it appears so. I just hope there's something different enough in this. As for Michael Chiklis well he's a superb actor, I'm a fan of The Shield so what else would you expect. With the Director of Gothika at the helm, Sebastian Gutierrez, this makes it a film I really want to see, however that is despite of the following trailer.

I watched it and felt that it didn't flow that well and that it felt smaller than I expected and looked to cover much of the same ground that so many other vampire films have. Hopefully it's just the trailer, you have a look and see what you think.

The trailer comes through Bloody Disgusting.



Good Lord that looks awful.


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