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Lockerbie bombing film in development

LockerbieBombing.jpgThe bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 resulted in a not only the tragedy of the lives of those on the plane being lost but many on the ground in the now famous town of Lockerbie in Scotland, and with a play already created it seems we're now set for a film of the terrible events.

According to the BBC New Zealand director Niki Caro, who is probably most known for the film Whale Rider, is developing a script for the film.

The Hollywood Reporter through this article say that the script is an adaptation of the memoirs of Ken Dornstein called The Boy Who Fell Out of The Sky. In the book the author tells the story of his brother David who died in the disaster.

Caro has told the BBC that the film will take place in present day and use flashbacks to those terrible events, and that it looks at the emotional consequences of terrorism without politics.

I'm surprised that it has taken this long for the film industry not to look to a film of the events, however now it is coming I am glad that Caro is behind the screenplay and that the source is such a strong one. The idea that it will be looking through a human and emotional viewpoint gives the feeling more of United 93 (Filmstalker review) than of anything else, and that to me is the way to take the story.

For those of you who don't know the story then the Wikipedia article I mentioned at the start of the story is probably one of the best sources.

Pan Am Flight 103 had a bomb explode in its cargo hold in mid air while flying over Scotland and it broke apart, the substantial wreckage falling into the Scottish town of Lockerbie and causing substantial damage. It was a horrific and terrifying scene, and a story that hasn't really been revisited since it happened except for in play form.

I do feel that a film version along the lines of United 93 could be very positive, something showing the people involved and not looking at the politics, and from the sounds of it Caro could produce this really well. One thing is clear though, this will open the gates for more films on the same subject, and perhaps open some wounds in Scotland that just didn't want to be opened.



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