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Lohan pulls out of Dylan Thomas film

LindseyLohan.jpgLindsay Lohan has apparently pulled out of the Dylan Thomas film The Best Time of Our Lives, leaving the cast list of Keira Knightley, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys.

According to the story she has pulled out after her team couldn't reach an agreement on her contract, she was scheduled to start work on the film this weekend according to an insider who talkes to Life & Style magazine through Hollywood.com.

The magazine also have Lindsay's representative, Leslie Sloan Zelnick, confirming the story, and according to the insider:

"She didn't back out and they (producers) didn't pull the deal, but there were changes that weren't to her liking, and that was that."

I think it's one of her worst choices to date. This could have been a great film for her and her career, especially since it's not been having the best run of late.



I'm sure it wasn't her choice. In fact, I'm quite convinced she couldn't obtain insurance for this film, given her recent track record. Personally, I consider this turn of events a good thing. I hate this little skank and wouldn't consider ever giving my 13-yr-old daughter money to see any of her movies. Live and learn, Disney.... Kudos, producers.

I may be in the minority but I thought this lady can actually act, I really enjoyed Mean Girls, I am afraid that's the only Lohan film I have ever seen.

Richard's right, this could have been a great film in her career.

Could have been is the key here. I think she's done.

I can't believe this girl is still getting work. Not only does she seem to cause problems with every movie she in involved in, she just generally seems like a bad, uncaring person - and I'm not usually one to say that about celebrities.


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