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Lohan reteams with I Know Who Killed Me director

LindsayLohan.jpgLindsay Lohan has been talking about her next film which looks set to be with Director Chris Siverston, who Directs I Know Who Killed Me, once again.

Little is known about the film as yet, but Lohan herself has said that the film is about:

...a bunch of kids on a cross-country trip that goes wrong when one of them drops acid goes crazy, "and starts, like, killing people."

The quote comes from Hollywood.tv through Businessofcinema.com and she goes onto describe how she has faith in Siverston and said she was on board as soon as he described it to her on the set of the current film.

Apparently Marc Senter, one of her co-stars in I Know Who Killed Me, is also on board the project already. I'm not sure but doesn't this mark a bit of a decline for the actress? Although saying that I Know Who Killed Me carries Julia Ormond and Neal McDonough.



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