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Madonna produces revenge horror film

MadonnaandGuy.jpgMadonna is getting into film production at the moment, hopefully this will put off her rumoured directing role, as she gets set to co-produce a revenge horror film.

The film is called Digger and will be directed by John A. Gallagher, who is also one of the guys behind the other production company involved, Maverick Red. The screenplay, written by Stephen Lancellotti, and tells the story of a man who was forced to dig graves by hand when he was young, now he's grown up he's out for revenge.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon sounds like the standard revenge horror film so far. Let's hope there's something more to it than that. In the weantime Madonna is keeping away from the camera lens...either side of it.

She's also producing a film looking at the famous Stanford Experiment, however her production company is in court at the moment as they battle over who really wrote the script for that film.



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