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Malkovich and Lilly in Afterwards

JohnMalkovich.jpgJohn Malkovich, Evangeline Lilly and Romain Duris have signed up to act in Gilles Bourdos' supernatural thriller Afterwards. Bourdos and Michel Spinosa adapted the novel by Guillaume Musso, Et apres....

According to The Hollywood Reporter the story is about a man who played by Duris who is a workaholic lawyer drifting away from his ex-wife, played by Lilly, and his daughter. He then meets a mysterious Doctor played by Malkovich, the Doctor claims to have an unusual talent, he claims to be able to predict when and how people are going to die.

Wooo, sounds spooky. Another interesting fact from the production is that Taiwanese cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bin is on board as well, he was responsible for In the Mood for Love. Now I'm thinking Malkovich, interesting story, and a strong style...



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