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Mamet's underground fighter gains lead

DavidMamet.jpgIn February we heard that David Mamet was writing and directing an underground martial arts film that could be classed as a modern day samurai story. The good news is that it has a title, Redbelt, and has been backed by Sony Pictures Classic.

The story has also been expanded on. Before we heard that it would be in an undeground community of cage fighters, cops, boxers, stuntmen and Navy Seals and that it would look on a guy who is the world's greatest fighter but doesn't compete, he just trains people. However fame and money seduce him away to a more commercialised life.

The expansion of the plot in Variety today tells us that the character is a Jiu-Jitsu master who has given up on the fighting to run a self defense training school. He is conned by a collection of movie stars and fight promoters and he must enter the ring as a fighter to regain his honour and his title.

Now that overall concept sounds a little more familiar, but the setting is probably what's going to make this film, that underground fighting world. Does it sound interesting? Or have you seen slices of this story before? I think although you could attribute parts of the story to some majorly successful films already that Mamet will deliver something extremely fascinating.

Only Chiwetel Ejiofor has been announced as being cast so far, he will play the lead of the master fighter, and that is a superb choice, he's an extremely strong British actor and he's doing so well in Hollywood at the moment.



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