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Marshall's Sherlock Holmes gets lead?

NicholasRowe.jpgWe heard a little while ago that there was going to be a new film about Sherlock Holmes to be directed by Neil Marshall, but did you know that Russel Crowe was being touted as a possible actor to play the role?

Well I didn't hear that one, but apparently that was a rumour that was kicking around, and I'm really glad that it has been knocked on the head with news of who will be cast in the role, and it's the actor who played the Young Sherlock Holmes, Nicholas Rowe.

Apart from playing the young Holmes, Rowe also appeared in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Enigma, and Shackleton. Apart from that it's been some forgettable films and TV appearances.

According to Baker Street Blog the Producers were originally looking for a tough character but have finally agreed that the part should go to an actor who embodies the original spirit of Holmes.

I think this is excellent news, and although I really didn't care for the young Holmes at all, the actor really does look and carry himself as you would expect. Of course for me the real on screen Holmes will always be the great Jeremy Brett, but I think Rowe could really fill his shoes well. How do you feel about the news?

Update: Just to clear this up as sites everywhere seem to be picking up this story, it seems that the Baker Street Blog has this Rowe story as an April Fools. Not only posted after 12pm on the day but also kept there for days after. Strange that as in Scotland anyway, and I think the UK, the April Fools is that you can't make one after 12pm on the day or the joke is on you. Something I defintely grew up with. Sorry all, including Neil and Nicholas!



Richard, really. This was an April Fools joke. Check the date on their original post.


Don't be sorry Brendan. The good thing is that the joke is on them. April Fool's can only run until 12pm that day, any after then and the joke backfires. Not remember that one from school?

Anyway, thanks for hanging around to pick up the mistake. Heaven forbid I carry a rumoured article that was incorrect.

actually, not a bad idea. If something's a hoax, can it somehow come true? Better than Russell Crowe, I'd say.

Via DVD I have only now finally caught up with the Excellent Jeremy Brett series.

Still not seen Young Sherlock Holmes though!

Well, you're not the only one who "fell for it", Richard. But in our defence, to qoute from my own comment over on Bits of News:

'Ha Ha on us, I guess.

Am I the only one who feels that some people sort of miss the point of the April Fools joke? It used to be that the whole point lay in making someone believe something outrageous, or something that on sober reflection you should have realised was wildly improbable. In this case the April Fools joke was, I think many would agree, actually more credible than the true rumour.

That's like pulling this joke:

"Yesterday I ate a Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich for lunch."

"Oh, that's nice."

"Ha Ha! Got you there, and good! I actually had Caviar and lobster, washed down with champagne!"

"Oh dear, I think my leg's come off...."'

I didn't realise that one was required to file an April Fool's Day joke before noon (or 12 pm, as you say). The post was filed at 12:15 p.m. - in the middle of the day.

Ah well, I suppose everyone *wanted* to believe this, so the final link in the post was overlooked...

Yeah, I've lived with that all my life, if you don't reveal or you make the joke after 12pm you're done!

Still, I think everyone wants the Rowe part for sure. The story is being carried quite far.


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